The primary idea for this project was to focus on how shapes and patterns which look so free can be locked away in a series of borders, causing them to be trapped in a specific space on a page, unable to move. Using mono printing combined with multiple paper stencils created with a scalpel, the work strives to achieve this.

This series of monoprints was created as a university project and explored how layering as well as contrasting bright colours and pattern can create a sense of depth and dimension, while at the same time containing this depth and all its layers in a series of edged borders; borders of the stencil, borders of the paper, borders of the frame, etc.

This limits the freedom of the piece, making the shapes appear stationary despite of the loose circular patterns which would in theory appear so much lighter and free if they were not contained within a constricting frame.

Hiding parts of the circular shapes behind these sharp edges allows the viewers to question the piece, asking questions regarding the 'freedom' what these circular shapes could acquire. Would they fall without the borders? Would they expand on the page to appear more free? Or would they simply stay as they are. For now, they are locked within a frame, but what would they look like if they could float across the page freely.