This series of work is based around the theme 'seascapes', looking at the textures and colours in the sea and waves. The work is all based and made from my own photographs taken from beaches around The Gower on the South Wales coast and Cardigan Bay on the West coast.

The work I have chosen to show is primarily screen prints, produced from my drawings and from my photography as well as some Lino print. The work is built up in layers, using both ink and acrylic paint. The ink allows the artwork to have the same movement as water and the acrylic builds texture into the pieces, showing the breaking waves.

The ideas surrounding the work all originate from my love for the beach, the sea and the happy memories that relate to these. The seaside is a place which instills a calmness and relaxation for everyone in some way, with the never ending sea and peaceful waves. I have chosen to use blues and greens hues to show the colour of the water and the sea in my prints with black as a contrast.