This work was based upon the minds of criminals it is expanding on from a project I already started a year ago which was based upon my own mind. During the time since then and now I have gained a high interest in criminals and art therapy. I started out with screen prints that I had produced on blank screens, they almost could be paintings.

The artists that I was interested in looking at were those that use their work as a type of therapy, those that have had mental problems, such as Tracey Emin and Edvard Munch whose problems stem from when they were young. I went on to research the artist Gerhard Richter whom is an inspiration to me because of his mark making techniques. He works with a squeegee and applies the paint directly to the canvas.

I think that the inspiration of Richter comes through in a lot of my work, especially due to the fact that I use the squeegee in my work also. I think that this work has come a long way from just criminals' minds. I think that it has taken a more personal approach on my own mind.