NOW ninety7 is presented by Contemporary Archives, Nottingham City Council in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, The Nottingham Trent University, Broadway Media Centre, Dance4 and Nottingham Playhouse. Funding and financial assistance is from Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, East Midlands Arts, Nottinghamshire New Art Works, Arts Council of England's Live Art Commissions, Nottingham Trent University, Dance4, Broadway Media Centre, and Nottingham Playhouse. NOW ninety7 is generously sponsored by Doctor Martens with support from Habitat.


We at NOW ninety7 would like to thank the following people for their support.

Chris Weir. Jane Hart. John Hose. Christine Wall. Sneinton Space Management. Simon Bourne. Simon Dove. Property Plus Dept. Vicky Morris. Helen Russell. Simon Will. Ruth Lewis. Jo Verant. Jaz. Jon Bewley. Mark Spivy. Rick & Pete. James Bailie. Paul & Ade Fusion. Steve Benford & all at CRG. Robert Ayers. Tony Graves/The Drum. Brenda Edwards. Gill Henderson. Ruth Mackenzie. Jeremy Payton Jones. Derek Richards. Robin Rimband. Ben Ponton. Tracy at Hex. Bill Gee/Jane Greenfield. Tim Challans. Debbie, Janet, Louise & Panett at EMA. Sibhan O'Neill. Justine & all at Chisenhale. Joe Joseph. Rob Pepperall.

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