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About Headland Multimedia


Headland Multimedia is a Nottingham and Leeds based Web design company with a rapidly expanding client base that includes 3i, Rank Hovis, Wesleyan Financial, The National Trails and Carlton International.

Established in 1995, Headland has developed its own, highly innovative approach to Web design. As part of this we aim to consider not only the visual appearance of a Web site, but also its ease of maintenance, its promotional opportunities, its suitability for capturing marketing data and its ability to attract repeat visits.

By combining this clarity of purpose with an expert mix of graphic design and award-winning Web programming, Headland sites are always made to work hard for their owners &endash; be that in terms of directly generating revenue, or contributing to the owner's general marketing activities.

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The Headland Team

Our Web team contains experienced computer programmers, graphic designers, copy writers and account handlers. This team is flexible and knowledgeable enough to handle projects from a wide variety of business sectors, and of any size.

This flexibility, together with our own state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure and a proven track record, ensures that when you work with Headland you get the results you want, on time and on budget.

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Effective Web Design

How do we work at Headland Multimedia?

At the initial stage of a project we aim to gain an insight into your company, business and marketing strategy.

We then present an outline proposal of the site structure, contents and objectives together with a cost guideline and time scale.

If this is acceptable we will develop a design concept, site structure and sample pages for approval.

The next stage is production, where all the content from images to text are created and organised in a clear site structure.

Once approved, all the elements from interface design to navigation are coded and tested across browser and computer platforms. A test version of the site is placed on our site for client approval and testing.

Comments, amendments, the inclusion of all graphics and where appropriate video and sound are added and the site is prepared for launch.

The site is then tested again before going live.

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Managing Content

Web sites are dynamic and need to be constantly kept up to date. Headland will work with you to agree a strategy for content management.

The management of your Web site can provide a heavy workload for either an in-house or external team.

Through experience, we have introduced a wide range of customised forms and database options to enable our clients to manage their sites efficiently and cost effectively.

For example, adding a weekly news report to your site can be time consuming if new Web pages need be built. However, at Headland Multimedia we would typically create an update form to allow such information to be added quickly with little or no technical skills.

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It is forecast that Web based commerce will be the next revolution in the global marketplace. In Headland's experience the revolution is already happening.

The media is full of reports of companies who are selling products via the Internet. Many other companies are experimenting with e-commerce so they are ready for this new market.

We have already produced several e-commerce site, including the New Media Age / Times Retail Site of the Year - British Magazines Direct (http://www.britishmagazines.com).

This site list over 3,000 British magazines is aimed at both UK and overseas Net users.

The format behind the site - the creation of a safe environment to purchase on line including a shopping basket and secure on line forms - is easily applied to a wide range of businesses.

The development of database solutions to drive large e-commerce sites is also one of our skills which will enhance your sites.

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On-line Promotion

The number of Web sites is growing daily and there is now an estimated 8 million sites on the Web. The major search engines are struggling to catalogue this proliferation meaningfully and consistently.

We have developed a range of skills to enhance your Web site's entry in the search engines and to maintain its presence and topicality.

It is also important to promote your site both on and off the Web.

To help measure the success of our Web sites we have developed a sophisticated user tracking system. This allows extensive data relating to a site's use to be logged, including contact details of site visitors for use in direct marketing campaigns.

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Banner Advertising

We design banner adverts to either drive traffic around an existing site or to pull traffic from other sites. Recent examples include banner ads for Wesleyan Insurance and Cornhill Direct, which have delivered impressive gains in site traffic. Web sites used to locate banners include Yahoo, the Beeb, The Times and many more.

Traditional print, direct marketing and advertising are also an important part of the overall campaign to drive traffic to your site. We have promoted Web sites via adverts in national newspapers and magazines, through targeted mailouts and via brochures and postcards.

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