Donna & the Kebabs

You Can Be You

You Can Be You single cover...A big 'Piss Off' to the music biz!

Back cover of You Can Be You, which reads: Do you know the difference 
between reality & fantasy? No you don't, coz you're still being influenced
by Starsky and Hutch, you're still buying the Sex Pistols, you're still
trying to be top dog. You say you're anarchists when you're begging the 
system for help and standing on the dole lines. You want to be independent, 
you want to be happy, but you live a life of fantasy. You can be free, the
real you. You can be you.

Inside cover of You Can Be You Words to Porno Grows, track 1, side 2.

Girl on the Run.....Porno Grows.....Boring Conversation

Honey Bane (donna)*****vocals
PHIL DAT***************LEAD GUITAR
P.A.NANA***************RHYTHM GUITAR
PETE WRONG*************BASS

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