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17/11/98 - Shamen Shift into the Net

As the first UK band to launch its own Web site, the first band to release a single and LP on the Net and pioneers of the live "webcast", The Shamen will now be the first band to disappear *into* the Internet.

The Shamen will dematerialise on the 13th anniversary of their release following their TV performance on Melinda Messenger's Big Night In! on Channel 5. TX date 24.12.98. The Shamen will depart from the world of "atoms" in favour of a new existence in the emerging world of "bits". All future interactions with the band will be mediated electronically.

As a on-line entity The Shamen will continue to broadcast their own illuminating mix of auditory and visual signals, with the main source of these emissions being the Nemeton Web site ( A varied mix of data types will used in these transmissions, including .jpeg, .gif, .html and .mp3.

A project is also in progress to create electronic personas of Shamen members, to possibly be known as "Shamenagotchi". These entities will become permanent inhabitants of Nemeton and will be encouraged to evolve independently from the original band members. It is hoped that one day these "Shamenagotchi" will be sufficiently developed to perform "live" on the Internet. Keep visiting Nemeton for up-to-date news of this project.

To coincide with this "shift", Nemeton will be undergoing an interface uplift (Facial) and asset expansion with 3 full-length high quality MP3 songs - "the UV EP" - front the Shamen LP "UV" ("Metatron", "Pop" and the unreleased "I Do" 12" Mr C mix).

The update will also feature samples of 4 new unreleased tracks from The Shamen - "Ectomorph" (Instr), "Tek Funk" (Instr), "Valley of the Kings" (Vox), "Beamship" (Instr) and the advent mix of "Sativa".

Sample RealAudio streams of the club hit mixes of "Universal Nations" from Sharp, 187 Lockdown and 1999 (3 mins of each). There will also be Regular RealAudio broadcasts of 60 min Mr C DJ fresh tech house sets, plus samples of early Moksha LPs, including material from the currently unavailable '88 classic 10" mini LP "Phorward".

We hope that all Shamen fans and observers see The Shamen's imminent shift as a natural step for the band to take and, like us, regard it not much as the end of an era, but a simple "re-formatting" of the band based on long established Shamenic principles.

So long and see you in CyberSpace!

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