Shamen Laminates

Shamen Laminates

All images are in JPEG format and are less than 50K in size.

Progeny V:01 USA Tour 1992 by Kim McCarthy

Entact Tour Laminate (LP Artwork) by Me Company

Hyperreal Tour Laminate (SP Artwork) by Me Company

Synergy Laminate by Fultano (Grant Fulton)

Progeny V:01 Tour Laminate (MAM SP Artwork) by Me Company

Progeny V:01 Tour Laminate (Progen '91 Sticker) by Me Company

Progney V:03 Tour Lamainate (Passport Photos) by Kim McCarthy

Progeny V:02 Tour Laminate (Ebeneezer Goode Artwork) by Me Company

In Gorbachev We Trust Tour Laminate Collage by Stroppi Bastado XII. Photo: Steve Double

Picketts Lock Tour Laminate 10/8/91

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