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"Here is a selection of samples from The Shamen's Hempton Manor album. They are in AIFF format so you will need to have an AIFF player configured as a helper for your Web browser."

The Shamen

Hempton Manor (The Altered Stately Home) - TPLP62CD

o01 Freya (60 secs, 662K)

o02 Urpflanze

o03 Cannabeo (23 secs, 250K)

o04 Khat (40 secs, 440K)

o05 Bememe (30 secs, 330K)

o06 Indica (80 secs, 885K)

o07 Rausch

o08 Kava (79 secs, 870K), Kava (60 secs, 662K)

o09 El-Fin (60 secs, 661K)

o10 The Monoriff

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