The Shamen


The Shamen Screensaver by William Latham

The Shamen screensaver is currently only available for PCs (although Mac users might want to download it and have a play with the graphics). It features annimated artwork by William Latham (including the 'spinning head' seen in the Transamazonia video!), the Destination Eschaton, Transamazonia and Axis Mutatis CD covers and a sound sample from Arbor Bona, Arbor Mala. Click on the button below to obtain the SHAMENSS.ZIP file. To install the screensaver, run Windows, create a new directory called "DISK1" on your PC, place the ZIP file in it, unzip the file and run SETUP.EXE. You'll then find the "The Shamen" screensaver in your desktop control panel.

The Shamen Screensaver