The Shamen
Axis Mutatis (Web Mix)


Axis Mutatis is available on One Little Indian Records (Catalogue Number TPLP52). All tracks written by CGA/R. West. Published by Warner Chappell Music. See album sleeve for full production details. Organic artwork by William Latham at Computer Artworks. "Nemeton" and "Shamen" logos by Designers Republic. Incidental Web graphics by Sean Clark. "Destination Eschaton" video directed by Nico Beyer. "Transamazonia" video directed by Richard Heslop. Shamen Photomontages by Buggy G. Riphead. The photos were shot by Jurgan Teller. Web design by Sean Clark from Headland / Cuttlefish from a concept by Sean Clark, Colin Angus and Charles Cosh. Thanks to all those who assisted in it's production, in particular Noel Douglas, Corinne Clark, Moksha, OLI and of course The Shamen!

Usage and File Types

All movies (totalling approximately 1 min 30 secs) are in QuickTime format. Sounds (about 15 minutes worth) are in AIFF format and were sampled direct from CD. "Long" sound samples are approximately 1 minute in duration and average 600K in size. "Short" samples are 10 seconds long and average 110K in size. In-line pictures are in GIF format and other pictures are in JPEG.

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