HCI'93 VR Exhibition: REALGlove

This exhibit will include a demonstration of the REALGlove: a glove-like input device for whole-hand input interaction tasks in Virtual Environments. The prototype has been developed for a variety of projects; these include an integrated VR system, the control of a robot arm for tele-manipulation/tele-presence applications, and the use of the REALGlove for interactive computer graphics. Three departments at Sheffield University are involved in these projects; the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department, the Department of Computer Sciences and the Department of Automatic Control & Systems engineering.


An image of REALglove.

Another image of REALglove.

Another image of REALglove.

Contact Address

S.A. Ben Salem & X. Yu, The Realities Lab., Electronic and Electrical Eng. Dept., Sheffield University, Mappin Street, SHEFFIELD, S1 3JD. E-mail: S.A.Bensalem@sheffield.ac.uk