HCI'93 VR Exhibition: Imaging and Displays Research Group

The Imaging and Displays Research Group was established within the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at De Montfort University in 1990. The central activities of the group encompass image processing and the development and application of advanced three dimensional display systems and the evaluation of human performance using these displays. Areas of interest at present include: three dimensional television and computer graphic display systems and interaction methods; psychophysical implications of 3D displays; and advanced input devices.


This image shows a commercial LCD shutter glasses system. In the experimental application shown the user has to follow an object moving in 3D space using a cursor controlled by a Space Ball (bottom right).

This system uses a LCD polarising filter and polarising glasses to display a computer-generated 3D image to the user.

Using a row of small, vertical, plastic lenses located on the surface of the PC screen it is possible to display a 3D image to a viewer without the need for special glasses (although, clearly, this image does not really convey the effect!).

Contact Address

Ian Sexton and Tim Bardsley, Dept. of Computing Science, De Montfort University, The Gateway, LEICESTER, LE1 9BH