HCI'93 VR Exhibition: Desktop VR for Less than 150 Pounds

This exhibit features a low cost Desktop VR system put together using off-the-shelf video game technology and some "home-brew" interface electronics. It includes an IBM PC compatible machine with Mattel PowerGlove for 3-D input and SEGA liquid crystal shutter glasses for stereoscopic viewing. Connecting these devices to a PC can be challenging since they were originally intended for use with video games. However, interfaces have been constructed and these will be on display. The public domain REND386 libraries, which support use of the PowerGlove and SEGA glasses, are used for software development.

Total cost (not including PC):


A view of the complete desktop VR system.

A view of the Mattel Powerglove.

Chris Hand wearing the SEGA shutter glasses.

Contact Address

Chris Hand, Dept. of Computing Science, De Montfort University, The Gateway, LEICESTER, LE1 9BH. E-mail: cph@uk.ac.de-montfort