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Your Diamond Cable Connection

Q. What about my garden, how will installation affect my property?

A. Our installers will bury a thin cable from our network in the street to the wall of your house. At this point the cable will be connected to sockets in your home. Your garden will be left in the same condition as it was found.

Q. Once I have subscribed to a Diamond Cable service, how can I get the other services offered?

A. Diamond Cable offer a range of telephone and home entertainment services. Once you have one of the services the rest is easy. Simply call Customer Services for any information you may need to help you make your decision.

Your Questions Answered About Diamond Cable Telephone Services

Q. If I currently have a BT line, when do I notify them to disconnect?

A. Do not notify BT until your Diamond Cable telephone service is connected and working. You can contact BT to disconnect by ringing 0800 800 150 on your Diamond Cable line. Please have your BT account number ready. (Disconnection should be effective within 7 days of notification).

Q. When will I receive my new telephone number?

A. You will receive your new number with confirmation of your order and you will be provided with cards to notify people of your new number.

Q. What additional telephone features do Diamond Cable offer?

A. Diamond Cable offer Call Waiting, Last Call Announce, Three Way Calling and many more. A summary and operating instructions will be given to you at the time of installation. All you have to do is call Customer Services to order your chosen service(s).

Q. Do I need to change my phone?

A. No! However, a modern touch tone phone will enable you to access all Diamond Cable telephone's additional features.

Q. Will my new number still be entered into the phone book?

A. It is entirely up to you - you can either be listed in the phone book and directory enquiries or you can be ex-directory.

Q. Will I still use the same numbers for Emergency Services and Directory Enquiries?

A. Yes, the numbers you use are exactly the same as normal:

Telephone Service Numbers

Q. What will happen to my existing telephone extensions?

A. We will arrange for our installers to return once your BT line has been disconnected to connect your extension(s) to the Diamond Cable line. Please contact Customer Services as soon as you have been given a date for your BT line to be disconnected.

Q. When will I receive my first bill?

A. You should receive it approximately 3 weeks after connection. It will show your first month's line rental minus the amount you have paid in advance. It will also show the charge for your second month's line rental (which is billed in advance) and the call charges you have accumulated since being connected. It will also show when the total amount of your bill is due.

Your Questions Answered About Diamond Cable Television Services

Q. How easy is it to find out about extra cable channels?

A. You will be connected to whatever package you originally ordered. However should you require any additional information simply call Customer Services.

Q. Can I watch different cable TV channels in different rooms at the same time?

A. Yes! Unlike satellite all you need is an additional set top installed in any room which allows you to watch your chosen channel on each set independently for a small monthly charge. (Subject to a separate connection fee).

Q. When will I receive my first bill?

A. You should receive it approximately 3 weeks after installation. It will show your first month's charges minus the amount you paid to the sales representative. It will also show your next month's charges as they are billed in advance. The amount due will be shown clearly, as will the due date.

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