Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Vote With Your Feet: Street-Sourced Answers To Crowd-Sourced Questions

A tourist in San Francisco answers the question "Local or tourist?" by walking through the gateway

Vote With Your Feet is an interactive installation that displays questions crowd-sourced from a website, and collects street-sourced answers through the symbolic action of binary voting by walking through one of two gateways.

The name of our installation comes from the idiom "vote with your feet", which describes people making their voices heard outside of the formal government polling process by taking direct action. With Vote With Your Feet, we challenge ourselves to intervene in the urban social landscape by giving people a tool to anonymously advertise which issues are important, and to publicly demonstrate their opinion on issues to each other. In a time of heated political discussions and tightened censorship, the work stimulates community involvement by encouraging the discussion of important questions that could otherwise remain taboo. Sharing these questions foments mutual understanding and raises awareness of opposing viewpoints.

Cheng Xu

Chaoyu Yang
Creative technologist,

Michael Weller

Ziyun Peng