Art.CHI 2017

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A CHI2017 Exhibition

Project Florence: A Plant to Human Experience

Project Florence : enabling Human Plant Interaction

Project Florence is an artistic representation of a Plant-Human Interface Experience that is built on top of a scientific analysis of the plant and its environment. Paired with the ability to receive human input, the plant can return a response, thus promoting a two-way conversational experience. Combining Biology, Natural Language Research, Design, and Engineering… we have created an instantiation of a plant to human interface through the power of language. Project Florence enables people to converse with a plant by translating their text sentiment into a light frequency the plant can recognize and respond to. The plant response varies based on the context of the conversation, as well as it's own "mood", which is determined based on various sensors in the plant's environment.

Helene Steiner
Post Doc, Microsoft Research

Paul Johns
Software Developer, Microsoft Research

Asta Roseway
Research Designer, Microsoft Research

Chris Quirk
Researcher, Microsoft Research

Sidhant Gupta
Researcher, Microsoft Research

Jonathan Lester
Electrical Engineer, Microsoft Research