Art.CHI 2017

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A CHI2017 Exhibition

Live Writing: Gloomy Streets

Live Writing : Gloomy Streets

Live Writing is an audiovisual performance, realized on a web browser. Here, every keystroke made on a laptop to write a poem is captured and processed to create audiovisual responses on top of what's written. The piece is built upon a poem written about feelings of being isolated from the general public and living in solitude, his comfort zone. Revealing the process of writing to audience shows the writer's emotional states (such as contemplation, hesitation, confidence, or agitation) that can emerge during the process of typing based on temporal patterns, for instance, pause, bursts, or corrective steps. In addition, interactive text in motion enabled by the temporal typography help express the message written in the poem, taking inputs from live audio, sensors, and the content of writing.

Sang Won Lee
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan