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A CHI2017 Exhibition

Fukushima Audio Census

The microphone and transmitter station is located in the Oamaru district, near Namie town, GPS coordinates are (37° 28′ 04.3″ N, 140° 55′ 27.5″ E)

Fukushima Audio Census (2017) is an interactive artwork designed for the CHI 2017 art program. Live audio is transmitted from strategically placed microphones in the exclusion zone of a contaminated forest located 10 kilometers from the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The artwork invites conference attendees to listen to forest sounds, retrieve past recordings, and talk with experts in the field of ecological neutrality. We hope to create a community among listeners at the conference, researchers, and creatures within the exclusion zone. The artwork is based on Live Sound from Fukushima (2016), a project produced by researchers Dr. Hiroki Kobayashi and Hiromi Kudo in the Kobayashi Lab (, Center for Spatial Information Science, at The University of Tokyo, Chiba, Japan. This project is part of a larger collaboration with scientists to collect, share, and analyze the sound-scape data from over 500 locations in the exclusion.

Hiroki Kobayashi, Hiromi Kudo and Vicki Moulder
The Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo, Chiba, Japan

Michael Heidt
crossWorlds, Chemnitz, University of Technology, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

Lorna Boschman
CEO, Digital Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada